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"A collaboration of Database Administrators, Developers and IT Professionals passionate about advancing and sharing their expertise in SQL"




We meet on the second Thursday of the month at Space Coast Credit Union Headquarters just off I-95 and Wickham Road in Viera.

The meetings begin at 6:30pm.  Space Coast Credit Union, Baytree Headquarters is located at 8045 N Wickham Rd. 

We are very pleased to have Valintry as our Sponsor for the Quarter.







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April 10th, 2014
Our next meeting is on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 at Space Coast Credit Union Headquarters in Viera, at 6:30pm
We are very pleased to have Kendal VanDyke as our speaker
Inspector Insert And The Case Of The Mistaken IDENTITY
When:       April 10th, 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Where:      Space Coast Credit Union, Baytree HeadQuarters Building,  8045 N. Wickham Rd., Melbourne, Florida 32940
Free SQL Server Training!
Food and beverages will be served, plus we've got swag to give away!

Think you know everything about working with identity values? Think again - they're not as straightforward as they seem! Follow along as Inspector Insert discovers the many ways to end up with a case of mistaken identity and learn how to make sure you're working with the right identity values every time.

About Kendal

Kendal is a database strategist, community advocate, public speaker, and blogger. He is passionate about helping leaders use Microsoft SQL Server to solve complex problems that protect, unlock and optimize data's value. Since 1999, Kendal has specialized in SQL Server database management solutions and provided IT strategy consulting. Kendal excels at disaster recovery, high availability planning/implementation and debugging/troubleshooting mission critical SQL Server environments. Kendal is currently a Principal Consultant at UpSearch SQL (http://www.upsearch.com), a Microsoft SQL Server MVP, and President of MagicPASS (http://magicpass.sqlpass.org), the Orlando, FL based chapter of PASS.

Valintry is our Sponsor for the 1st and 2nd Quarter of 2014.

  We hope to see you there!



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Please Welcome Kathleen Branch and the new chapter leader for SCSUG

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Geeks and Fires, not a good mix!

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Quick tips to regain space on your SQL Server

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Microsoft has released performance reports available for SQL Server 2008 and higher

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Frequently DBA's are tasked with restoring databases from servers across the WAN for troubleshooting and other various reasons.  SSIS can be very useful in automating these tasks.

The following demonstrates using SSIS to automate restoring a large database to different location.


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Max Trinidad did an fantastic job presenting Extend you TSQL skills with PowerShell

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My sincere thanks to Red Gate, a premier supporter of our SQL community and their many Microsoft users. They offered a holiday competition for ideas to create the best holiday party and our input won providing the Space Coast SQL Users Group an excellent holiday party evening. We were able to provide dinner, gifts, and a free round of drinks for our members and their spouses and significant others. The party was hosted in the back room of the Broken Barrel, an excellent sports bar/family restaurant in Palm Bay, Florida.  The food was delicious and consisted of Asian potato salad, sweet potato fries, smoked wings and assorted smoked meat sliders.   Broken Barrel’s service was excellent; they even helped with suggestions on food types and combinations. The best part was the gifts weren’t technical books or left over swag like the previous years. I will never forget giving a member s wife a book on Administering Windows Server 2008.  Thankfully everyone in our group loves humor. This year I found a little store in Jensen beach that had a ton of unique gifts. We gave tickets to spouses and significant others and had each person choose a wrapped gift from the table.  I picked out several Florida Santa figurines, threw in a mounted prehistoric shark’s tooth, nice chocolates and a bottle of fine wine.   Then everyone received a ticket for our door prize, a decorated Santa on the beach. The event was an outstanding success, we cannot thank Red Gate enough for their kindness.  Everyone have a wonderful holiday and a safe New Year, I know I will.

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 Thank you Florida Institute of Technology and Dr. Philip Bernhard for sponsoring our group for a new meeting place!

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This was my third year attending PASS, I had the privilege of being apart of my friends first time experience at PASS Summit. It was with great pleasure I was able to introduce my friend to all the people that have helped shape my career over the past 3 years. Everyone was friendly and all the presentations she attended were spot on! Thank you all!   There is a lot of knowledge with in our community and these events really facilitate and encourage collaboration amongst the technical people. Networking and Professional Development has given an increased focus at PASS and I really believe this is critical for career growth. Are you a Linchpin was a great session. I find it very encouraging when those you admire for their technical expertise sit on a panel to and share personal experiences that have help shape their career . This humanizes the technical industry.

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A couple weeks ago a user complained that on one of our development databases, one of the views he was linking to via Access was missing some of the columns.  There were no permissions issues and the columns all showed up properly if they looked at the view via SSMS; but when they went into Access and linked to the view… the columns weren’t there.  After scratching our heads for a bit, we realized that the user didn’t have access to the User defined Types that the columns in the underlying table were designated as.  SQL doesn’t actually care about this, you can view data in the table or view whether you have the references permission or not… but Access is a bit more picky and will ignore the column if the user doesn’t have the proper permissions.  Normally we grant references on these types to Public in all the databases so that we don’t have this issue, but on this particular development server we forgot.  This is another issue that can be very puzzling when it happens out of the blue and is very hard to Google...

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